Awakening 2023 Speakers

Juanita Romano

Juanita Romano, also referred to by her Indigenous name Vanâheo'o (Sage Woman) Is a Cheyenne Medicine Woman of over 20 years experience in the Healing Arts and founder of Healing Gardens Native American Church located in Los Angeles California In working with Grandmother Ayahuasca, she traveled to the Shipibo Tribe in South America were she emersed herself in the studies of the Icaros, plant diet protocols and other core elements of traditional led ceremonies under the guidance of the Shamanic Maestro of Inka Kena. Juanita serves the vision of The Rainbow Tribe Prophecy, that healing belongs to us all, and that in harmony and unity we find our strength.

Amir Ouaddi

Father, Ceremonial Medicine Man/Shamanic guide, Student and Guardian of Ancestral Wisdom.Of indigenous Mexican (P'urhepecha/Wixarika) and North African (Berber) ethnic heritage- Apprenticed under amazonian (Ayahuasca) Healers, of both Mestizo and Shipibo lineages, since 2012 and actively guiding and co-facilitating since September 2022. I also work with the Sacred Mushrooms and Sacred Tobacco, among other medicinal plants - both psychoactive and non-psychoactive. All of my work and offerings are done in honor and service to the Divine Light of God.

Courtney Barnes

Courtney Barnes is a devoted social justice attorney and trailblazer in drug policy reform. She serves as Counsel at the law firm, Feldman Legal Advisors PLLC, where she specializes in advising clients on compliance and risk management in emerging industries. She serves as General Counsel for Heroic Hearts Project, as well as for SPORE. Courtney was a lead drafter of Denver’s Psilocybin Decriminalization Initiative (the nation’s first successful psychedelic policy reform ordinance), and has extensive experience drafting state and local policy relating to the regulation of cannabis and psychedelics. She is licensed to practice law in California, Colorado, and Texas.

Tony Perzow

Tony Perzow is the SOS Institute Founder and a childhood trauma and abuse survivor.  After his profound healing journey with Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy, he made it his mission to bring this new frontier of transformative work to the people who need it most. Before founding SOS, Tony spent years as a sought-after keynote speaker, helping over 20,000 people from organizations such as Apple, Red Bull, and Microsoft optimize their negotiation and communication performance.

Andrew Tansil

Andrew’s journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence with a passion for making a positive impact in the world by providing effective mental health treatment solutions. As a thought leader in the psychedelic space, Andrew quickly established himself as a dynamic and influential figure. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he co-founded Sayulita Wellness Retreat which is now rated #1 Psilocybin Retreat in Mexico. Under Andrew’s guidance, these endeavors have thrived and provided for over 10,107 successful treatments over 10 years. Beyond his professional pursuits, Andrew is deeply committed to giving back to society.

Jodi Green

As a lawyer and business advisor at Feldman Legal Advisors/Skip Intro Advisors, Jodi helps the psychedelics ecosystem ethically and sustainably grow. Driven by the transformative powers of psychedelics as a tool for healing and expanding consciousness, Jodi also serves as Executive Director of Women in Psychedelics Network; an advisor for Beautiful Space; and co-founder of the psychedelics event group, Department of Consciousness. She is a sought-after speaker for organizations such as Psychedelics Today, YPO, KNX News, Law360, and Bloomberg. A 2023 California Super Lawyer, Jodi also studied at Harvard Law School and UC Berkeley on negotiation and ESG.

Shane Norte

Founder and spiritual leader of Church Of The People For Creator And Mother Earth. Continued to practice Earth Based ceremony for 10 years Helps people reconnect, ground themselves back to old ways of human understanding and being.

Cristianna Hougland

Cristianna, a seasoned professional in the health and wellness industry, is the Founder/CEO of Mushee™  Medicinal - a functional mushroom company dedicated to providing consumers with a superior product that is potent, clean, and transparent. Cristianna has a keen eye for creative directing and aesthetics; with over 11 years of experience, and has successfully built companies, turning them into multi-million dollar businesses. Her personal journey towards healing her mind, body, and spirit has instilled in her a deep appreciation for plant medicine. She firmly believes that the future lies in harnessing the sacred and ancient knowledge of the universe that plants offer.

Mark Irwin

Mark “the Shark” Irwin is an undefeated award winning professional fighter and coach in both Boxing and Bare Knuckle Boxing. He is the recipient of the 2022 Knock Out of the Year Award for Bare Knuckle Boxing in 2022 and Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame Award winner. Mark also considers himself to be quite the Psychonaut and is a huge advocate for psychedelics, especially cannabis and psilocybin. He’s given many public speeches at conferences and festivals about the benefits of psychedelics in sport’s performance, overall health and wellness. His next fight is for the Bare Knuckle Boxing World Championship on May 13th.

Neera Truong

My first experience with Mother Aya was in Costa Rica during the summer of 2018, It was a massive kick in the butt that I didn’t even know I needed. The background patterns that had been running my life became clear, allowing me to heal traumas. It gave me a completely new chance at life. Without B. Caapi I would never have had the strength to tell you any of this. You deserve a chance to live life on a completely different mental, emotional and physical realm. I first ordered B. Caapi with the intent of helping and that is exactly what I will continue to do.

Frank Chavez

Frank Chavez is a recent graduate from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a B.S. in Psychological and Brain Sciences. As a student, he joined the UCSB Psychedelic Club as the Outreach Chairman and Vice President. Additionally, he worked for the university's Alcohol and Drug Program as an Overdose Prevention and Harm Reduction Intern. Through this, he held presentations for over 600 students as well as distributed over 750 boxes of Narcan and 2,000 Fentanyl test strips. Frank’s career goal is to research psychedelic medicine as a tool to help those diagnosed with Substance Use Disorders.

Mr. Snow

Narrative shifting artist Mr $now doesn't "rap" - he speaks to the soul from the knowing of self-love, painting pictures with words, helping you reconnect to your Higher Self. The lyrical wordsmith is 5 years in transformation - newly as the Student, and the Teacher - here to add value and be of service. We are about the impact, trailblazing the path toward a 16 album series: “Space Traveler Saga”, releasing a 14 track album every 3 months. We teach clarity, trust, and non-attachment; intuitively appreciating our every-now experience in this Golden Age where health is wealth and communities rise.

Skye Weaver

Skye Weaver is a mentor, teacher, consultant, facilitator, and public speaker whose work focuses on who we are being in the process of whatever it is we are doing. Her teachings revolve around psychedelics, earth medicines, women's leadership, right relationship, cannabis, integration, integrity, relational healing, trauma resolution, self-actualization & radical self-care in leadership. She’s a lead facilitator with Medicinal Mindfulness, resident facilitator at DoubleBlind Magazine, guest faculty for EntheoNation, integration specialist for InnerSpace Integration, and founder of UnDone: A Ceremonial Container for Women’s Leadership. Skye has her MFA from Harvard, trained at the Hakomi Institute in mindful somatic psychology and is certified in psychedelic therapy.

Justin Natoli

Justin Natoli, JD, LMFT (He/She/They) is a psychotherapist, retreat facilitator, and founder of the Queer Medicine Community. In their private practice in Los Angeles, Justin specializes in trauma, addiction, psychedelic integration, and working within kink, poly, and LGBTQIA+ communities. They serve on the Chacruna Institute’s Women, Gender Diversity, and Sexual Minorities Working Group and contributed to Chacruna’s latest book, “Queering Psychedelics.” Justin received a JD from UCLA Law, a Master’s in Depth psychology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute, a certificate in psychedelic therapy and research from CIIS, and is completing a three-year program in psychedelic therapy through the AWE Foundation.

Greg Lake

Greg is a trial and appellate attorney, author, and entrepreneur, having assisted over 40 entheogen-based religious groups enshrine their rights under the free exercise laws. Greg is a prolific writer, having written three books: “Psychedelic in Mental Health Series: Psilocybin,” “The Law of Entheogenic Churches in the United States” and “The Law of Entheogenic Churches (Vol. II): The definition of religion under the first amendment.”, and his work has been featured in numerous articles and podcasts, on a variety of topics pertaining to entheogenic, religious and cognitive freedom. He is the CEO of EntheoConnect and a Co-founder of the Church of Psilomethoxin.

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson is an expert in the field of functional mushrooms and the Founder and CEO of Mycroboost. He's worked in the nootropic supplement space since 2008, and has built up a wealth of knowledge around plant-based medicine, and supplements including numerous beneficial pharmaceutical grade products in cannabis, hemp, kratom and mushrooms, including the first soft gels on the market.

Adam Grossman

Adam D. Grossman is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Papa & Barkley, the leading California consumer products company selling cannabis-based pain and wellness products - including topicals such as pain balms and transdermal patches, and consumables including edibles, tinctures and capsules. Papa & Barkley is the top selling company in the topicals and tinctures submarkets in the regulated California cannabis market. He received his undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Massachusetts and his JD and MBA degrees from Georgetown University. He is active in charitable organizations and community development projects in Dallas, New York City and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Aeden Smith-Ahearn

My name is Aeden Smith-Ahearn and I am the founder of Experience Ibogaine. I am an ex-addict, not an entrepreneur. My goal is to provide the safest treatments at the most affordable price without cutting corners. We work primarily with addiction and more specifically opiates etc. I have employed thirteen doctors and work with many more as colleagues. Our head doctor is Dr. Paul Casillas, he has close to 15 years treating patients with ibogaine and has been with us since day one. We are the longest running Ibogaine facility in Baja California (the world's ibogaine clinic hot spot).

Najla Guthrie

Najla Guthrie is revolutionizing the way we treat and talk about wellness. As the CEO of KGK Science and Wellbeing Digital Science, Najla is a global leader in the nutraceutical and emerging psychedelic industry with a focus on fundamentally changing the way we treat and prevent mental illness. She founded and grew KGK Science, a full-service premium contract research organization. Creating a business that focuses on high-quality clinical research and regulatory expertise. Her latest initiative, the Women in Psychedelic Network, is an opportunity for women in the psychedelic space to collaborate and leverage their collective voice in a male-dominated industry.

Laughing Dragon

This talk will be conducted by Laughing Dragon, a man who has dedicated his life to exploring consciousness and teaching the world about the power of Amanitas Muscaria. Spending the past 9 years in South America he learned from many masters of plant medicines until developing his own path by utilizing psychedelics to study the mechanics of the multiverse and how to explore it as a first hand experience. He is a high dose psychedelic veteran, He is a facilitator of psychedelic ceremonies, a dedicated forager of Amanita Muscaria, and a leader in the psychedelic revolution.

Ariel Clark

Ariel Clark: Ariel Clark (she/they) is an attorney, activist, and co-founder of Clark Howell LLP, a women-steered business, corporate and regulatory law firm working with cannabis, psychedelics, and other values-driven organizations that are interested in a more interconnected approach to business. Ariel is also co-founder and board member of the Psychedelic Bar Association (PBA). Ariel is biracial, Odawa Anishinaabe and French American lineages. Licensed in California; J.D., University of California Berkeley School of Law (2005); B.A. in Religious Studies, University of Michigan (2000).

Elio Geusa

Elio Geusa is immensely passionate about sharing his knowledge of Master Plants, respecting traditional ways of knowing, interpreting, and navigating plant medicine work, and helping to re-awaken his guests to the innate intelligence and benevolence of the natural world. Elio has been devoted to the path of plant medicine and Ayahuasca since 2009. In his long time in Peru, he has continued to deepen his knowledge, experience, and understanding of the workings of the sacred plant medicines, studying the Shipibo traditions under the revered Mahua family. He has undertaken numerous Master Plant Dietas with well-respected curanderos in the Peruvian Amazon.

Bradley McCall

My name is Bradley McCall, and I’m a retired MMA fighter, an artist and a lifelong Psychonaut. I’ve worked in the marijuana industry for 20+ years and more recently have been studying mycology. I’ve been working with most psychedelics for many years but have been especially focused on the amazing effects and benefits as well as the various extraction methods of dimethyl tryptamine. I currently lead ceremonies and do my best to spread awareness and advocate safe trip etiquette.

Wolf Purnananda Jowers

Wolf Purnananda Jowers is a modern medicine man, ceremonialist, and mystic.
His journey into a life dedicated to exploring ancient traditions that connect our souls to the Divine, began over a decade ago. After 14 years of a Sports Medicine career, he then heard a clear calling.
Wolf’s path led him to train with revered leaders of traditions ranging from his own Cherokee lineage, to the shamanic circles of the South American lineages. His focused work is in attunement with the medicines of Ayahuasca and KAMBÔ. In recent years Wolf has received direct communion with the Spirit of Iboga.

Ian McCall

Ian McCall is a retired American mixed martial arts world champion, performance coach, and founder of The McCall Method. Ian credits psychedelics for his successful recovery from his decade-long dependence on pain medication due to severe sports injuries, including traumatic brain injuries. Since his retirement, Ian has become a prominent advocate for the decriminalization of psychedelics as holistic mind and body therapy. Ian is an advocate for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. He supports his clients in reconnecting with meaning in their lives, experiencing deeper relationships with others, and finding their true purpose.

Santos Castro

Santos is a licensed holistic therapist and Mestizo healer. He is co-founder of Conscious Partnership and Wolfheart Way Men’s Collective. Author of two books and almost three decades in the mental health field.  He had his first spiritual awakening at 15 years old. That initiated his life as a healer. Was the first member of his family to get sober from three generations of addiction. Santos shamanic initiation began after his mother and grandmother died guiding him from the spirit realm. Currently, he is dedicating his time building a psychedelic educational company to support the blending of the shamanic and clinical worlds. 

Sky Karasik

Sky Karasik is a passionate member of the psychedelic community. As a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, with a BA in Communications and minor in Gender/Sexuality/Women’s studies, she is drawn to issues that involve helping people through embracing individual experiences. Her own personal experiences have led her to understand that psychedelics have the potential to address many of the negative social and spiritual aspects of life that plague our culture today. Having worked in media in the cannabis industry, Sky brings an understanding of the complexities of distribution and access.

Mychal Prieto

Under the Holistic Lifestyle Coach umbrella, Mychal V. Prieto is a certified Yoga Instructor (and forever student), Functional Movement Coach, & Member of the Oklevueha Native American Church, Guardian of Sacred Sacrament who specializes in Psychedelic Integration & Embodiment practices. Mychal has dedicated his life to listening & learning how to best steward this land and home we call Earth. Mychal has spent many hours Dieting multiple Master Plants, and in the Amazon with the Yawanawá studying ancient traditions & medicines.

Ian Benouis

Ian is a West Point graduate, former US Army officer, Blackhawk helicopter pilot and combat veteran. He is Patient Number One at the Mission Within which treats special operators with PTSD, TBI and addiction using iboga and toad (5-meo-dmt) in Mexico.  He is an advisor there, after being the General Counsel and spearheading the veteran healing program.  Ian has been helping wounded veterans for over 9 years. Ian is a Co-Founder of the Church of the Sacred Synthesis which offers the sacrament psilomethoxin and he is the first human being to ingest it through bioassay.

Kat Walsh

Kat Walsh is the Creator and Host of the psychedelic podcast TRIP ON THIS. Prior to Kat's awakening journey, life used to be a monotony of routine, endless stress, and a distant dream that the love of her life would one day sweep her off her feet. It wasn't until psychedelics entered the picture did life transform from the ordinary to the extraordinary. When this newfound sense of joy and wonder took hold, a new vibrancy led her down a path of purpose, direction, and fulfillment she never knew possible including the creation of TRIP ON THIS.

Matthew Dunehoo

Matthew Dunehoo is a creator living in Los Angeles. He makes music, film, podcasts and loves bringing people together to smash their energy into a brilliant piece of fun. He is a collaborator with Psychedelic Spotlight, the host of the MINDBEND podcast from Operation Podcast, and the producer of the PSYCHED podcast with Kaia Roman. Matthew enters flow state though performing with his band, MARY CHICKEN SOUP AND RICE, bicycling at dusk, and late-night drives listening to leftfield ambient house music. Matthew is a Kansas omnivore and grateful to the people in his life who see him and love him.

Oliver Carlin

Oliver Founded Curative Mushrooms in 2020 and is a Hard Core ‘Mushroom Lover’. A Hero’s Journey of Happy Mushrooms in Costa Rica changed his life forever and put him on the path he is today. He has helped over 300,000 people improve their mental health by growing ‘Happy Mushrooms’ at home using an All-In-One Simple Grow Kit that doesn’t require any complicated instruction or expensive equipment. He also has an online store & several Social platforms to educate people on the amazing power of mushrooms, to include: YouTube: 2.75M Views; Facebook: 82K Likes; Spotify: 234K Plays; Blog: 1.5M Views.

Ektha Aggarwal

Ektha Aggarwal is an experienced licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and Founder of the group practice Shakti Therapy and Healing Services. Shakti Therapy offers a holistic and psychotherapeutic approach to help clients realize that we are an integral part of the vast and complex web of life - that the health of the whole is intimately connected with the health of the individual. In her practice, Ektha also offers a variety of treatments from crystal healing, psychedelic-assisted therapy and other holistic interventions. . Ektha has published her work with ScienceDirect, Good Indian Girl blog, Brown Women’s Health, and Women’s Web.

Ryan Latrielle

Ryan is the founder of the Hearthstone Collective and Kanna Extract Co. He’s excited to share about Kanna; a legal empathogen that can elevate mood and support mental health.

Dennis Notten

Dennis Notten is a medicine man, musician, healer, and storyteller. His years spent training in classical music and multiple spiritual traditions, combined with a deep and lengthy study of the sacred healing plants with the Yawanawá tribe in Brazil, have afforded Dennis a powerful sense of attunement to create safe containers for deep healing and transformation with an emphasis on integration. Having opened and run a healing center in Peru before going on to form a non- profit medicine community in California, Dennis is skilled in holding ceremonies, guiding dietas and microdosing programs. Dennis recently released his memoir, Walking with the Serpent.

Christian Rasmussen

Christian is the owner of MN Nice Ethnobotanicals, the largest Amanita muscaria retailer, wholesaler and importer in the country. After Amanita healed his brain while going through a grueling benzodiazepine withdrawal, Christian formed MN Nice to bring Amanita to the states. He’s collected thousands of anecdotal reports about amanita healing everything from anxiety, insomnia, and depression to more complex physical issues like neurological late-stage Lyme disease. He is dedicated to educating about the mushrooms’ healing, spiritual, and practical potential, and giving people access to what he believes is the most iconic, yet most misunderstood mushroom in the world.

J Skal

J Skal is a mentor and luminary who is dedicated to helping others identify, address, heal from trauma, terminal illness and other dis-ease in the mind-body-spirit complex, by expanding their awareness, and coming into a state of coherence …creating a life that is better than most can imagine. With a background in trauma-informed plant medicine facilitation, shamanism, energy medicine, nutrition, fasting, detoxification, metaphysics, breathwork, sustainability (and the list goes on) J Skal has a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer in service to the collective and to The ONE(ness). So we can all overcome the programming, co-llaborate, and co-create the new reality we know is possible. Through a combination of ancient and modern healing modalities, J Skal helps clients create the perfect conditions to release trauma, trapped emotions, negative beliefs, and energetic blockages that are holding them back from living their best life.  When we wake up to our true nature and look for the divinity in everything, humanity will step into our full potential.. and transition from lack/surviving to abundance/thriving.

Paul Karasik

Paul Karasik brings decades of experience in the world of psychedelics. Paul was a member of the early psychedelic community in New York and California, which included such luminaries as Timothy Leary and Ram Dass. Paul co-founded Thompson’s Ranch, one of the first alternative communities in Joshua Tree, CA. Paul is currently working on his tenth book, “Leading the Psychedelic Revolution.” Paul and The Psychedelic Institute are dedicated to making information and safe access available to anyone and everyone who is seeking to awaken their consciousness.

Awakening Music Performers & Workshop Leaders

AmberJoy Zinsmeister

AmberJoy is a practitioner of sound therapy. She specializes in using sound to complement conventional treatments for various conditions such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse and has also assisted patients who are battling cancer, autoimmune disease, and recovering from strokes. Amber's primary goal is to combine Eastern & Western practices to optimize the healing process in the medical field and promote the importance of mental health. She assists in conducting research and studies the science behind sound therapy to help patients improve their quality of life and achieve optimal health.

Kedar Shashidhar

Kedar Shashidhar, an LA-based Indian-American psychedelic guide, coach, and medicine musician - he seamlessly integrates diverse disciplines like Internal Family Systems, Authentic Relating, Circling, NARM, and Indian spirituality into his transformative work. As a musician, his unique sound, bridges traditional icaros and medicine songs from various world traditions with indian classical music. He is the founder of a Los Angeles-based circling and authentic relating community, and works as a coach to high-achieving creatives, engineers, and tech-leaders, catalyzing full personal unfoldment and cultivating trustworthy leadership in the age of meta-crisis.


Lynda Arnold, founder of Sonic Devas Divine Feminine Sound Meditation Experience, is a Sound Meditation Facilitator, Vocalist & Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer and seasoned Performer on a life long mission to build healthy communities through the power of sound and music. She offers sound healing workshops, private sound baths, singing for wellness sessions at some of the top meditation and yoga studios in Los Angeles and beyond. She received a Certificate in ‘Sound, Voice and Music Healing’ at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco in 2010, has multiple music degrees and over 30 years of music education and performing experience.

Marc Erickson

Marc Erickson is a native Nebraskan and has called Los Angeles home for the last 22 years.   Marc’s plant medicine journey started in 2016 at Rythmia in Costa Rica.  He became inspired to write music specifically for the individuals healing during ceremony.  Currently he is recording his first album entitled “Animals & Angels”. In 2022 Marc founded the “We Are The Medicine” events that take place monthly throughout Los Angeles county.  WATM often combines breathwork, movement, an open mic and live music; designed to open the participants heart in a safe non judgmental way so they may be seen, heard, and acknowledged.


Ksenia Luki is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and sound healing practitioner.
She is known for her captivating performances, use of multiple instruments, and heartfelt compositions. Drawing inspiration from her spiritual journey and diverse musical influences, she weaves together mesmerizing melodies, introspective lyrics, and enchanting vocals to create a truly immersive musical experience. Her music is a fusion of ancient wisdom, contemporary sounds, and universal messages of love, healing, and personal growth.
In 2018, Ksenia released her debut single, "Atman," followed by her first album, "Grow," in 2019. Ksenia's music channels inspiration, hope, peace, and strength to guide and support people on their life journeys.

Delia Hogan

Through sound medicine, meditation, Reiki and yoga, Delia strives to help others reconnect their mind to spirit awareness, restore the mind to body connection and find their inner peace. Delia holds certificates in sound healing, Japanese Reiki, meditation, and she earned her RYT 200 yoga certification through Loyola Marymount. Delia has always been drawn to the ancient healing powers of sound played by her Native elders and tribal family, she began to study with an array of local and international healers using different techniques and modalities from different parts of the world.

Malia Carvalho & Danny Byrne

Malia Carvalho and Danny Byrne have been co-facilitating sacred ceremony since 2016. Malia is a singer/songwriter who is in the middle of recording her debut medicine music album, inspired by the psychedelic experience. She blends the chants of Kirtan, 1990’s Lilith Fair pop and Spanish lullabies. Danny is a multi-instrumentalist and guitarist of 28 years. He brings classical and alternative rock guitar influence to the realm of ceremony music, accompanying journeyers through the cosmos with his ambient/electronic project Harmala.

Erick Casano

Erik Casano is a multifaceted creative entrepreneur and the founder of the wellness brand Aquarian Alchemy. He is a Breathwork coach, musician, and producer who has dedicated his life to helping people unlock their full potential and live their best lives. Erik is also the driving force behind the band Space-X-Force, which creates music for Breathwork. The band's music is designed to facilitate a deep, meditative state that allows for profound healing and personal transformation. Erik's musical talents and knowledge of Breathwork combine to create a unique and powerful experience for anyone seeking to improve their physical, emotional, or spiritual wellbeing.


Zazzy is a co-founder of Third Eye Unblind; a non-profit organization formed in 2020 as an entheogenic spiritual fellowship with a mission of opening the eyes, minds, & hearts of billions of beings. She is an alkemist, Reiki master, sound healer, health food chef, & Master's Prepared Registered Nurse with certifications in overcoming trauma & healthy living. She dreams of a world where everyone is happy, healthy, & free. Fusing together scientific knowledge & divine inspiration, it is her soul's mission to spread knowledge, wellness, & joy to all.

Bee Appleseed

Bee Appleseed is a prolific singer/songwriter, poet, multi-instrumentalist, and recording engineer based in Los Angeles. With over 20 albums and a book of poetry, Bee's home recordings span continents, shaped by years of performing DIY concerts across 50 countries. Bee curates the Appleseed Archive, documenting LA's post-pandemic music scene with over 400 live concert performances. Alongside partner Nora Keyes, Bee performs in Elf Freedom, an improvised psych folk rock band featured in a 2022 Super Bowl commercial. Their music, described as a psychedelic blend of folk and rock, explores life, love, and spirituality. Bee's shows are exhilarating, ever-changing experiences, infused with humor and a passion for the road.

Cameron Steen

At the age of 8, when Cameron Steen started playing guitar, he realized music was his passion. Through classical and jazz guitar private lessons, learning all genres of music, he has honed his talents to create works of art. He is self-taught on bass and percussion, which led him to play different instruments in several bands around Los Angeles. He composes, plays and produces his own music, as well as music for others. During the pandemic, Cameron taught himself to play handpan and is now considered a master handpan player, he also DJ’s at music festivals and clubs around the state.

Psychedelic Artists

Burt VeraCruz

Burt Vera Cruz is an Oakland-based psychedelic motion designer who creates kaleidoscopic, moving mandalas that explore the hidden dimensions of reality. Using astral projection, meditation, and plant medicines, he reveals an esoteric, geometric language underlying the fabric of our universe. From ferns to bees to galaxies, his artwork invites viewers to fully explore the sovereign dimensions of the free mind and experience the divine and magical in the present moment.

Elif Hurdogan

Elif is a freelance designer who is into spirituality and rainbows, which inspired her to create her art project, Spirit of the Rainbow. The psychedelic tones in her art was her calling even before she had no psychedelic experience. And when she had, it was a homecoming. She channels a high vibrational poem for each piece of art she creates. Elif's art and poems can be found on her Spirit of the Rainbow Instagram page and her merchandise website


Artificial intelligence only in positive way (AI) An artist who is at the forefront in this field - @artifauxreal. His work focuses on creating AI art images that reflect the beauty and complexity of the natural world. Adam uses algorithms to generate images that are inspired by the patterns, colors, and shapes found in nature. His work has garnered significant attention from art and AI enthusiasts alike.

Patty Vega

fire_inthehead makes videos and paintings that capture light, movement and emotion. Her art attempts to harness the essence of life force by using color, form and composition. The work vibrates with a mysterious consciousness that captures our elemental humanity.

Her videos and paintings are composed of layers of images and brushstrokes through the use of digital tools. Those layers are then recorded as video or printed on a variety of materials such as aluminum, acrylic, mylar, linen, paper and other materials. The energy of the work invites the viewer into a slowly unfurling narrative of the very meaning of human consciousness and the complexity of civilization.

Analog Mannequin

analog_mannequin is a Phoenix-based multimedia artist known for their psychedelic analog glitchart and ethereal cassette soundscapes. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, their daily analog experiments and hours-long livestreams gained popularity on social media, accumulating 100k+ Instagram followers, 200k+ TikTok followers, and 300k+ monthly Spotify listeners. analog_mannequin has since ventured into the world of physical installations, VJing, and ambient music production. Their work creates an immersive psychedelic experience, blending camcorder feedback fractals, glitched VHS-tapes, liquid lightshow projections, synth-based audiocassette tape-loops, and more. Utilizing the imperfections of near-obsolete physical media in their work, analog_mannequin has helped craft a new generation of analog enthusiasts.


Spectracolor is a visual artist specializing in analog light shows based in Los Angeles. Their video work combines the classic techniques of 1970s liquid light shows with contemporary video effects, dead media, and original footage. With an extensive background in arts and event production, they strive to evoke emotions and inspire communities globally through their imaginative approach to projection art. They host a weekly event on Twitch, engaging audiences and collaborating with other audio and visual artists locally and worldwide. Spectracolor remains dedicated to enhancing terrestrial events, infusing captivating color play into diverse settings through various appearances in LA and beyond.

Juliana Garces

Juliana Garces, a visionary artist, strives to awaken humanity through art, drawing inspiration from spiritual practices and the boundless potential within. Her creations can be found worldwide, inspiring viewers to tap into their inner light. Beyond her own art, Juliana shares her passion by teaching and guiding others on their artistic journeys. Growing up between Colombia and the USA, she discovered the power of art to transcend language and now conveys mystical realms that are beyond words. Juliana's visionary works transport viewers to other states of consciousness, helping them remember the divine within. She invites you to join her on this path of awakening.