Awakening of Consciousness

Changing Lives and Changing the World

FOUNDER’S CHURCH • 3281 W 6th St. Los Angeles, CA 90020

September 30, 2022 | 10 AM - 6 PM

The Awakening of Consciousness brings together the world’s leading researchers, practitioners, healers, activists, and thought leaders in the field of psychedelics.

Join us and celebrate the psychedelic renaissance!  Hear from 32 experts how psychedelics can change your mind, change your life, and change the world.

Meet the experienced Shaman and facilitators who guide psychedelic experiences and integration processes.  Learn about the progress being made towards regulatory approval and universal access.

Discover the potential of plant medicine and psychedelics such as Magic Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, Cannabis, LSD and MDMA and how they are being used to treat a variety of mental and physical conditions. These disorders include anxiety, depression, addiction, PTSD, ADHD, Autism, and pain.

The conference will house a collective of the industry’s top revolutionaries: doctors, scientists, clinicians, politicians, artists, cultivators, investors, and people with a passion to heal themselves and the world!

Network with your colleagues and the psychedelic community while enjoying local psychedelic vendors. Enjoy live performances, healing workshops and incredible food.

Program of Events


10:00am • The Future of Psychedelics

Zappy Zapolin

In the midst of a global mental health crisis, humanity is struggling with a growing challenge that brings potentially catastrophic consequences. Hear from futurist Zappy Zapolin how psychedelic medicine will address this growing mental health crisis, and how expert scientists, doctors, educators, researchers, advocacy groups, and commercial enterprises are expanding this exciting industry at an incredible pace.
Zappy will be showing two of his film trailers as well.

10:30am • Leading the Psychedelic Revolution

Paul Karasik

The modern western psychedelic revolution began in the sixties with the discovery of LSD and it changed the world. The initial revolution produced societal and institutional change, but many of the core issues such as world peace, social justice, economic insecurity, and gender equality have made only incremental steps forward in the past fifty years.
The twenty-first century psychedelic revolution offers us insights and a second chance to save ourselves and a planet teetering on extinction. If we are to succeed, everyone needs to be a leader. Find out what you can do on a personal level to help awaken consciousness.

11:00am • Exploring the High-Dose Mushroom Experience
The high-dose mushroom experience is one of the more occult psychedelic avenues. Most people are content with microdosing and/or doing recreational doses of up to three and one-half grams. Doses exceeding the five-gram “Hero” dose are rarely written or talked about. The high-dose mushroom experience offers the opportunity to go to deep levels of your own personal work and gain access to the very real multiverse. Hear from the psychonauts who have gone where few have gone before. Find out how to safely begin your high-dose mushroom experience with five, ten, twenty, and thirty grams.

Moderator: Sky Karasik

Dave Hodges –  Founder of Church of Ambrosia, Activist

Acacea Sherman – Founder of Divine Master Alchemy LLC

Tim Caspian – Psychedelic Pilgrims & Integration

Ian bollingerIan Bollinger– Entheogenic Researcher, Director Hyphae Oakland

Laela Leonard – Psychedelic Guide & Integration Coach

12:00pm • Our Fight for Religious Freedom: The Church of Ambrosia Lawsuit

Dave Hodges –  Founder of Church of Ambrosia, Activist

The Church of Ambrosia has filed a federal lawsuit against the Oakland Police Department for the illegal raid on his church in 2020 and their violation of the church’s religious freedom. This is a landmark case that will likely end up in the Supreme Court. David Hodges and the Church of Ambrosia believe the use of psychedelic sacraments for spiritual purposes are protected by the First Amendment. This fight is a fight for the religious freedom for all of us. Learn more about this case and how we can all work help to secure our freedom to worship in our chosen way.

12:30pm • Science, Cultural Literacy, and Spirituality, A Bridge of Intersectional Studies of the Psilocybin Mushroom

Acacea Sherman –  Founder of Divine Master Alchemy LLC

It is integral to our understanding of Entheogens that we begin to identify subjects like poetry, philosophy, and human spirituality, with their use. We must establish a way to evolve beyond bias towards hallucinogens by affirming that sacred mushroom use is not “new” and demystify its function as a technology for exploration beyond the constraints of this reality. Join us as we unpack indigenous technologies and trace the fingerprints of our ancestors. We will explore the “bones of ancient civilizations”, and the impact of what a modern integration could look like in the fields of science, culture, and spirituality.

1:00pm • How to Find the Perfect Shaman

Sandra Dreisbach –  Psychedelic Ethics Specialist

Ethics and Integrity in the Psychedelic Journey Experience.

1:30pm • Psychedelic Autism: An Evidence-Based Overview of The Potential Benefits & Challenges of Psychedelic-Assisted Care for Autistic Individuals

Aaron Orsini –  Author: Autism on Acid, Researcher

Aaron Paul Orsini is an autistic author, ethnographic researcher & founding member of the Community. In addition to publishing two books examining the intersection of psychedelics & autism, Aaron is soon to be a published co-author on the world’s first survey exploring psychedelic use within autistic populations, made possible through his organization’s partnership with University College London researchers. Aaron is also the education director of the upcoming “Introduction to Psychedelic Autism” course — an online lecture series that is currently accepting applicants for enrollment — as well as potential scholarships — at

2:00pm • How Psychedelics Can Heal Personality Disorders

Tim King – Founder Silicon Valley Psychedelic Society

Tim will be speaking on how epigenetically inherited trauma leads to personality disorders and other forms of human suffering. He’ll be sharing what he’s learned about how psychedelics can help resolve the underlying causes of the dysfunction in people’s personal lives and the greater dysfunction we see in the world around us. He’ll describe how his life was, what he did to change it, how it is now, and how psychedelics have helped his clients as well.

2:30pm • Dr. Maya Shetreat, MD
Dr. Maya Sheatreat, MD
Maya Shetreat, MD is a neurologist, herbalist, urban farmer, and author of The Dirt Cure which has been translated into 10 languages. She has been featured in the New York Times, The Telegraph, NPR, Sky News, The Dr. Oz Show and more. Dr. Maya is the founder of the Terrain Institute, where she teaches earth-based programs for transformational healing, including professional training programs for psychedelic-assisted approaches. She works and studies with indigenous communities and healers from around the world, and is a lifelong student of ethnobotany, plant healing, and the sacred.

3:00pm • Microdosing
Microdosing psychedelics is the practice of consuming very low, sub-hallucinogenic doses of a psychedelic substance, such as magic mushrooms, LSD, Ibogaine, DMT, and Cannabis. Microdosing is an ancient practice that has been around for thousands of years. Indigenous cultures on the American continent were ingesting peyote or mescaline in ancient times, in low doses. Today we have adopted these practices as therapies for improving mental health. Learn from practitioners and researchers if microdosing is right for you, how to begin and what is the perfect microdose protocol.

Moderator: Sky Karasik

Acacea Sherman – Founder of Divine Master Alchemy LLC

Amaka – Co-Founder & VP of Third Eye Unblind

James KeimJames Kiem,  Psychedelic Therapist

4:00pm • The Ayahuasca Experience

Juanita Romano,  Shaman

Join me as we discuss the mental, physical, and spiritual preparations for Ceremony. We will look at how to prepare for Grandmother and discuss methods to navigate the metaphysical realm and connect with your divine guidance while communing with sacred plants. We will also cover the importance of mindful integration when bridging the ceremonial experience and insight with everyday life and other keys to lasting healing, growth, and positive change.

4:30pm • Ayahuasca Panel: Stories of Personal Transformation
Ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic drink made from the stem and bark of the tropical liana Banisteriopsis caapi and other botanical ingredients. It has been used by the people of South America since ancient times for spiritual and religious purposes.
Studies report a wide variety of benefits. They include: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing, deep cleansing and purification, treatment for depression, anxiety and addiction, deeper appreciation of life, overcoming fear, and finding one’s life purpose. Hear real-life stories of miracles, transformation, and redemption.

Moderator: Sky Karasik

Tim King, Founder Silicon Valley Psychedelic Society

Laela Leonard,  Psychedelic Guide & Integration Coach

Juanita Romano,  Shaman


5:00pm • Women in Psychedelics
Traditionally, indigenous cultures have included woman in the role of shaman, or “one who knows.” Yet many of world’s religion have subjugated the role of women in spiritual and religious settings. This time has come for women to step forward and take leadership roles in all areas of the psychedelic Renaissance. Today, there are a variety of issues that are unique to women, such as: using psychedelics when pregnant and during physical cycles, psychedelic education for children, etc. This is an open discussion providing answers to those issues that are unique to women.

Moderator: Sky Karasik

Dr. Sandra Dreisbach, Psychedelic Ethics Specialist 

Ethereal Hope, Founder,, Psychedelic Integration Specialist 

Acacea Sherman, Founder of Divine Master Alchemy LLC

Dr. Maya Shetreat, MD


11:00am • Ketamine Panel: The Miracle of Ketamine Therapy
The Legal Psychedelic for Treating Anxiety and Depression
Ketamine is a prescription medication that doctors can prescribe to treat depression, anxiety, chronic pain, PTSD, OCD, and other health related conditions. Hundreds of clinical trials have shown Ketamine to be effective where traditional psychotherapy and SSRI’s have failed. Ketamine facilitates an emotional and neurological reset. Ketamine allows you to move beyond the same on-going mental patterns that confine your life. It provides you access to neural pathways, helps you to achieve mental order, and facilitates an emotional and neurological reset. Ketamine is currently one of the few psychedelics that is legal. Find out if Ketamine is right for you.

Moderator: Kaia Roman – Author, The Joy Plan, Psycheceutical Bioscience & KetaMD

Dr. Joy Kong – President of Uplyft Longevitiy Center, Chara Biologics, Thea Center for Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Austin Harris, MD – Anesthesiologist: University of California Irvine (UCI), Cardio-Thoracic Anesthesiologist: Keck Hospital of USC

Dr. Tracy Covington, PhD, AAPM – All Psychedelic Health


12:00pm • Integrative Ketamine Strategies for Substance/Alcohol Abuse Recovery

Dr. Austin Harris, MD – Anesthesiologist: University of California Irvine (UCI), Cardio-Thoracic Anesthesiologist: Keck Hospital of USC

Ketamine is best known for it’s anti-depressant ability, in addition to benefits with other mood disorders and symptoms.  At NeuroRelief Ketamine & Infusion Therapy, our goal is to focus on the entire human, mind and body, when treating mood disorders, chronic pain syndromes, or substance/alcohol abuse.  In this talk we will discuss the neurologic, psychologic and personality benefits of ketamine infusion therapy for substance/alcohol abuse recovery.  Additionally, we will cover how integrating ketamine into a customized, holistic treatment strategy that includes NAD+ infusions, CBT & Mindfulness practice, and Certified Integration & Recovery Therapy provides significantly more optimized outcomes.

12:30pm • Soul Doula and Integration Wisdom Principles

Dr. Tracy Covington, PhD, AAPM – All Psychedelic Health

Many of us have felt a calling into the psychedelic medicinal realm; honored and humbled at the experience of guiding and witnessing the birthing of new life and transformational healing. It was irony and devotion that presented me with the opportunity to create an integrative psychedelic clinic and evolve as a ketamine assisted psychotherapist. Wisdom principles and a fun integrative story are offered to highlight the deeper understanding of integration, for it’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you SEE.

1:00pm • Discovery of Ketamine for Personal Healing and Innovative Clinical Applications

Dr. Joy Kong – President of Uplyft Longevitiy Center, Chara Biologics, Thea Center for Regenerative Medicine

As a trained psychiatrist and antiaging & regenerative medicine specialist, Dr Kong was drawn to ketamine therapy with its healing potential for the brain and the mind. While conducting a clinical study on stem cell therapy for traumatic brain injury (TBI), she discovered that she has TBI herself, and went on to embark on healing her brain with innovative ketamine protocols. She will discuss the changes on her SPECT scan before and after the 2 months of intensive ketamine treatments, and the use of ketamine in conjunction with other treatment modalities at her clinic.

1:30pm • De-Prescribing from Pharmaceuticals with Cannabis

Dr. Lynn Bornfriend –  Adult and Child Psychiatrist

Lynn Bornfriend MD is a triple board-certified psychiatrist (Adult, Child & Adolescent, and Forensic), a psycho-oncology specialist and cannabis educator. She has over 10 years’ experience helping cancer patients find relief and improve their quality of life with medical cannabis.  Through her work, she discovered Cannabis empowered individuals to reduce, simplify and eliminate a variety of medication regimes. Lynn is a thought leader in the medical cannabis space, certifying patients, educating patients, her fellow physicians and other health care professionals, and the community at large. She believes that psychedelics are the future of psychiatry and pain management.

2:00pm • How to Prepare for a Psychedelic Ceremony

Laela Leonard – Psychedelic Guide & Integration Coach

There are three parts to every psychedelic ceremony: preparation, the experience, and integration. Each of these elements have equal importance. Planning and laying the groundwork for your experience will largely determine the quality of your experience and the ultimate benefits you will receive. Indigenous cultures include a variety of practices that prepare participants physically, mentally, and spiritually for a ceremony. Although we have not inherited these rituals, we recognize their importance in any ceremony. This session provides you with an understanding of the underlying principles, allowing you to be free to create your own personal preparation rituals.

2:30pm • DMT: The Portal to God and Spirit

DMT stands for N, N-Dimethyltryptamine. It is a powerful psychedelic drug, with serotonergic effects on the human brain, which can induce a rapid and intense psychedelic experience, often referred to as a ‘DMT trip’. The experience lasts from 5-15 minutes. DMT can be found in the wild in many forms. It’s most often derived from processed plants through various methods that turn it into a white or yellow powder. 5-MeO DMT can be extracted from the glands of certain species of toads, often referred to as “BUFO.” Learn how you can safely experience the fabric of the universe, God-Consciousness, and have direct encounter with spirit using DMT and 5-MeO.

Juanita Romano – Moderator

Shaun Ryan – Shaman

Ethereal Hope – Founder,, Psychedelic Integration Specialist

3:00pm • Onward! Upwards! Inwards!

Hanifa Nayo Washington – Psychedelic Activist, Fireside Project

Sacred Activist, Healer, & social entrepreneur, Hanifa Nayo Washington, speaks on co-creating a Beloved Psychedelic Community.

3:30pm • A Ceremonial Conduit for Mindful Cannabis Use

Chris Conrad – Cannabis Advocate & Activist

When people first encounter the word Cannamaste, they immediately know that it implies a mindful spiritual connection to marijuana. The intentional, sacramental use of cannabis can impart balance to the over-commercialization of adult use.
Sacramental cannabis use, i.e., Cantheism, weaves millennia of high cultural practice, religion and spiritual beliefs into one common practice: Sharing ganja, typically by smoking. Incorporation of ritual, meditation, mysticism and human connection brings its participants to profound new heights of insight. It is a cross-sectarian experience that can be deeply inspiring. Chris Conrad bears witness to the potency of cannabis hemp as a transformative force.

4:00pm • Cannabis Panel
The Power of Cannabis: Creator or Destroyer?
Cannabis has been used for millennium as a healing herb and spiritual sacrament. It is only in the last few decades that it has been demonized as a “drug” with no positive benefit. The truth is Cannabis can be used and abused. It has been said, Cannabis can help you run towards something or can be used to run away. Today, as a result with legalization and practically universal access, Cannabis is rampantly being used as a tool to avoid or override feelings and emotions. This session will explore the complex relationship, both positive and negative, we have with this magnificent healing herb and the best path forward.

Moderator: Douglas K. Gordon – Founder, CanEx Jamaica

Mikki Norris – Cannabis Activist

Chris Conrad – Cannabis Advocate & Acitivist

Dr. Lynn Bornfriend –  Adult and Child Psychiatrist

Adam Grossman –Founder and Executive Chairman of Papa & Barkley

5:00pm • Accessibility Panel
Psychedelic Access: For the People by the People
Psychedelics hold the potential to heal trauma, addiction, depression, anxiety, and personality disorders, and yet access is limited by antiquated laws, social inequity, age, and economic status. As a community, we need to insure everyone has safe access to psychedelics. As we enter the Psychedelic Renaissance, there is an urgent need to include all groups in our conversations. The rising tide of awakening will lift all boats. This panel will expand your vision of creating a psychedelic revolution.

Moderator: Matthew Dunehoo – Psychedelic Spotlight

Hanifa Nayo Washington – Psychedelic Activist, Fireside Project

Frank Chavez – UCSB Psychedelic Club

Eric Goepel – Founder & CEO, Veterans Cannabis Coalition

Greg Lake – CEO/CO-Founder, Entheoconnect



11:00am • Welcome to Creative Collaboration with the Universe

Olivia Clear – Psychotherapist

Experiences with psychedelics can support us in opening to relating with images that arise in our journeys. In this experiential workshop, we will explore connection with our inner creator as a guide and support our psychedelic healing path. Heightened awareness of how you relate to your creative self will emerge. We will use this understanding to source insight into collaboration with the universe as a source of healing. Take time to tap into your presence, encourage your inner critic to take a backseat, and cultivate a sense of receptivity and curiosity during an art-making exercise. Warmly, Olivia Clear.

12:00pm • Nectar of the Goddess: A Reiki-Charged Sound Healing with Herbal Tea

Amaka – Co-Founder & VP of Third Eye Unblind – an Entheogenic Fellowship.

Amaka is the Creator of Zazzy RN, a Plant-Based Medicinal brand. Third Eye Unblind is a non-profit organization formed in 2020 as an entheogenic spiritual fellowship. Amaka and George are co-founders and Ministers of Third Eye Unblind. She is an alchemist, Reiki master, sound healer, health food chef, & Master’s Prepared Registered Nurse with certifications in Emotionally Focused Therapy & Trauma. She dreams of a world where everyone is happy, healthy, & free.
Fusing together scientific knowledge & divine inspiration, it is her soul’s mission to spread knowledge, wellness, & joy to all.

1:00pm • Submission Sound Healing

Delia Hogan

Through sound medicine, meditation, Reiki and yoga, Delia strives to help others reconnect their mind to spirit awareness, restore the mind to body connection and find their inner peace. Delia holds certificates in sound healing, Japanese Reiki, and meditation. She believes true emotional and physical self-healing begins with the vibrations and frequencies from the centuries old power of sound. Delia is a dedicated and warm friend who loves helping, healing and connecting with others. She also believes spending time in nature is crucial to maintain mental health, vitality, emotional strength and a stress-free life.

2:00pm • Workshop: How It’s Done: The Magic, Spirituality, and Science of Psilocybin Psychotherapy

James KeimJames Keim – Trauma and Psychedelic Therapist and author

With a focus on healing trauma, this workshop offers a summary of steps involved in the preparation, journey, and integration of psychedelic experiences. We will review both the spiritual and scientific perspectives and how they intertwine. There is a celebration of the tremendous variance of psychedelic experience and the ways in which to best prepare people for this range of possibilities.

3:00pm • Integrate and Activate – Interactive Session

Kaia Roman

Join Kaia Roman, bestselling author of The Joy Plan, mindfulness instructor, and Chief Experience Officer at KetaMD, for an interactive session to help you find the tools within to turn your intentions into reality. Please come ready to practice science-backed, consciousness-centered techniques for integration, increased focus and peace, decreased stress, and ultimate joy!

4:00pm • How to Start Growing Your Own Mushrooms

Ian bollingerIan Bollinger – Entheogenic Researcher, Director Hyphae Oakland


5:00pm • How to Make Your Next Ceremony Life-Changing 

Juanita Romano – Shaman

The power and importance of ritual and ceremony in spiritual practice is indisputable. All cultures maintain guidelines for cleansing before ceremonies, creating sacred space during the ceremony, and assimilating the new insights into daily life. Ceremonies that you have created, amplify the benefits and healing effects of psychedelics. This session will provide you with an understanding of the key elements and how you can adapt them to your own practice.

MUSIC/CONCERT in the Rose Garden

Adriana Molello – Violinist 

There are three parts to every psychedelic ceremony: preparation, the experience, and integration. Each of these elements have equal importance. Planning and laying the groundwork for your experience will largely determine the quality of your experience and the ultimate benefits you will receive. Indigenous cultures include a variety of practices that prepare participants physically, mentally, and spiritually for a ceremony. Although we have not inherited these rituals, we recognize their importance in any ceremony. This session provides you with an understanding of the underlying principles, allowing you to be free to create your own personal preparation rituals.


Cam Steen – Musician/Producer

At the age of 8, when Cameron Steen started playing guitar, he realized music was his passion. Through classical and jazz guitar private lessons, learning all genres of music, he has honed his talents to create works of art. He is self-taught on bass and percussion, which led him to play different instruments in several bands around Los Angeles. He composes, plays and produces his own music, as well as music for others. During the pandemic, Cameron taught himself to play handpan and is now considered a master handpan player, he also DJ’s at music festivals and clubs around the state. In his spare time, he stays busy giving private lessons in guitar, drums, handpan and, producing his new music.





September 30, 2022

10am - 6pm

Founders Church, Downtown Los Angeles

If you are interested in learning more about the power and future of psychedelic medicine, this conference is for you! Hear from the world’s leading authorities on the healing properties, the most current research, and accessibility of psychedelic medicine.  Meet psychedelic practitioners, scientists, researchers, business professionals, visionaries, and artists from all over the world. Discover how psychedelics are changing minds, changing lives, and changing the world. Experience the psychedelic community and grow your personal and business network.

WHAT TO EXPECT at Awakening of Consciousness 2022

500 + Participants

500 + Participants

Live Entertainment

Live Entertainment

Media Coverage

Media Coverage



Exquisite Food

Exquisite Food

Healing Workshops

Healing Workshops

32 Speakers

Juanita Romano

Juanita Romano, also referred to by her Indigenous name Vanâheo'o (Sage Woman) is a Cheyenne Medicine Woman of over 20 years experience in the Healing Arts and founder of Healing Gardens Native American Church located in Los Angeles California In working with Grandmother Ayahuasca, she traveled to the Shipibo Tribe in South America were she emersed herself in the studies of the Icaros, plant diet protocols and other core elements of traditional led ceremonies under the guidance of the Shamanic Maestro of Inka Kena. Juanita serves the vision of The Rainbow Tribe Prophecy, that healing belongs to us all, and that in harmony and unity we find our strength.

Zappy Zapolin

Zappy is a well-known futurist, entrepreneur, and award-winning documentary filmmaker who is dedicated to the expansion of human consciousness. Playboy Magazine called him “the man who wants to change the world with psychedelics.” Zappy is often called on as a “psychedelic concierge” to help celebrities and business icons have a conscious transformation. His latest film, Lamar Odom: Reborn, follows the psychedelic intervention he facilitated for the basketball superstar.

Mikki Norris

Long-time activist in the cannabis and drug policy reform movements, Mikki Norris has worked on marijuana and hemp issues, initiative campaigns and projects with her husband, Chris Conrad, in the US and internationally. Their photo exhibit, Human Rights and the Drug War, and book, Shattered Lives: Portraits from America’s Drug War, put a human face on drug prisoners and their families, exposing the costs and failures of US drug policy. Equal rights and ending discrimination are goals of her Cannabis Consumers Campaign. She attributes much of her social justice activism to her Jewish upbringing and cannabis as her spirit guide.

Tim King

Tim started his healing journey in 1997 with classes at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. While there he was a: staff member, teacher, licensed minister and director. He later trained in: Violence Prevention in the SF Sheriff’s office, Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse support group facilitation, 12 step, tapping and Breathwork. Since 2009, he's trained in: Neuro Linguistic Programming, Family Constellation Work, Trauma Release Exercise, and Hypnotherapy. In 25 years, working with thousands of people, he's learned how to help people change their minds & lives.

Aaron Orsini

Aaron Paul Orsini is an autistic author, psychedelic researcher, and community organizer of neurodivergent adults. In addition to authoring two books on his area of expertise, Autism On Acid (2019) and Autistic Psychedelic (2021). Aaron is the founder and active peer support director of, an online community that offers resource libraries, integration meetings, and learning opportunities for autistic adults and the therapists, guides, and family members who seek to support them through psychedelic-informed care.


Peace in our minds

Love in our hearts 

Creativity in our Expression


Psychedelics are gifts for healing ourselves and the planet.

Psychedelics should be decriminalized universally.

We must all work to raise the public perception of psychedelics.